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Polish On, Polish Off

      Polish on, Polish off…   Friends and customers have asked me how to keep their vintage jewelry clean. If you are one of those lucky people who only wear gold jewelry, yours is an easy task. Simply rub your jewelry with a soft cloth on occasion and it will maintain its shine indefinitely!   If your jewelry has gemstones of any sort soak it first in a mixture of ½ cup each of sudsy ammonia and tap water plus a drop of dawn dishwashing detergent. Then using an old soft toothbrush, gently scrub the gemstones both from the front and underside of the setting and rinse with warm water. Dry with a soft cloth and you are...

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Welcome to GoodSport

Sally Lowe first started creating jewelry about fifteen years ago when she was looking for jewelry that was durable, easy to wear and that would go from a day at the barn to a night out with friends without missing a beat. Inspired by her love of all things equestrian and an education in the Arts the process began of finding antique buttons and medallions that I could convert into wearable art. These days her work consists of both one of a kind pieces and favorites that she can reproduce again and again. Take a look around and if you don't find something you love send me an email at We'll come up for something special just for you!

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