Quatre Cheval Buckle & Belt
Quatre Cheval Buckle & Belt
Quatre Cheval Buckle & Belt

Quatre Cheval Buckle & Belt

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When I found this fabulous 2 3/4" vintage medal, I knew it had to become a belt buckle. The piece features  four horses of varying breeds in profile, looking into the distance. The detail and high relief of this piece is amazing. While the buckle is large in its dimension, it is not overly heavy for it's size. This fabulous piece comes in sterling silver or yellow or bronze and includes a fabulous 1 1/2" chocolate brown stitched suede belt by Rebecca Ray Designs, or a smooth black or smooth havana, all made by Amish harness makers who are known for their craftsmanship. Choose color of buckle and size of belt above!


The most accurate method to measure your belt size is to measure a belt that you currently wear. The steps below outline how to determine your proper belt size using an inch measuring tape.

1. Lay your belt down flat.

2. Measure your belt from the point where the buckle is attached, to the hole that best fits you. Do not include the buckle itself in your measurement.

3. Find the corresponding measurement on the chart below to confirm your belt size. On your new belt, the length measurement will be the center hole. Please note that on each belt there are 5 sizing holes spaced 1" apart to allow for adjustments.

XL           36.5-40.5"           Middle Hole 38.5”

L              34.5-38.5"          Middle Hole 36.5”

M            33-37"                 Middle Hole 35”

S              30.5-34.5"          Middle Hole 32.5”